PhD and Engineer in Mechanical Engineering


Establish my own research laboratory in a prestigious university.

Professional Experiences

Research Assistant

The MEMS Characterization and Motion Lab, NY

From January 2008 Till December 2010
Binghamton, NY - United States

• Studied theoretically the nonlinear dynamics of carbon nanotube resonators.

• Modeled the collapse instabilities of microbeam under capillary forces.

• Modeled theoretically and experimentally the nonlinear resonances of an electrically-actuatedMEMS resonators.

• Studied the static and dynamic behavior of clamped-clamped MEMS arches under electrostaticforces.

• Studied theoretically and experimentally the stability behavior of a General Electric switch underelectric and shock loads simultaneously.


Texas Instrument (TI)

From July 2009 Till June 2010
Binghamton - United States

Co-advised an independent study project with Texas Instrument (TI) under the supervision of Pr. Younis: "The Reliability of Microbeams against Stiction and Collapse Failures Due to Capillary and Electrostatic Force"

Research Assistant

General Electric (GE global research)

From July 2008 Till June 2009
Binghamton - United States

Independent study with General Electric (GE global research) under the supervision of Pr. Younis: "Characterization of the Structural-Thermal-Electrical Coupling in an Electrostatically Actuated Switch and itsImpact on the Switch Stability"

Research Assistant

Laboratory of Systems and Applied Mechanics

From June 2006 Till December 2007
Tunis - Tunisia

• Performed the control strategy of an electrostatically-actuated clamped-clamped microbeam inorder to enhance its filtering features and render it behaves like a Van der Pol and/or Rayleighoscillator.

• Studied the nonlinear dynamics of a cantilever microbeam coupled to a microplate at its free endthe possibility to build a resonant gas sensor out of it.

Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering

Watson School (Binghamton University)

December 2010
Binghamton - United States

Thesis: “Nonlinear Structural Mechanics of Micro and Nano Systems”

Major Advisor: Prof. Mohammad Younis (SUNY Binghamton, USA)

GPA: 4/4

Master of Science in Computational Mechanics

Tunisia polytechnic School

January 2008
Tunis - Tunisia

Thesis: “Nonlinear Dynamics and Control of Microbeam Based Systems”

Major Advisor: Prof. Ali Nayfeh (Virginia Tech, USA)

Grade: courses 16.4/20, thesis defense 18/20, ranked the first.

Engineering Diploma

Tunisia polytechnic School

June 2007
Tunis - Tunisia

Engineering Diploma, Field of Mechanics,

(Grade: 15.2/20), ranked the first.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics

Tunis Preparatory Engineering Institute

June 2004
Tunis - Tunisia

Ranked 13 out of 1200 in the Tunisian national examination for the entrance to the high engineeringschools.


Professional Skills

Combined structural mechanics, thermal, and electrical modeling: ANSYS, Matlab Simulink,Maple, and mathematica.

Characterization techniques: Laser vibrometer, Polytech MSA laser vibrometer, and Veecoprofilometer.

Modeling and simulation: AutoCAD, Simulink, finite element software DIANA, Protel, Sap 2000.

Programming Languages: C, Turbo Pascal.

Engineering Applications: LAB view, MATLAB, L-Edit, and Mathematica.

Awards & Honors

• Recipient of the outstanding academic achievement in graduate studies award in the MechanicalEngineering Department of the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (BinghamtonUniversity, NY, USA, Mai 2010).

• Certificate of appreciation in the Graduate Student Research Day (March 2008).

• Doctoral scholarship in Mechanical Engineering from State University of New York at Binghamton,USA, (2007-2010).

• Tunisia Polytechnic School top-student award.

• Master degree in computational mechanics top-student award.

• Best-graduation project award.

Journal Publications (published or in press)

1. Hassen M Ouakad, Mohammad I Younis "Dynamic response of slacked single-walled carbon nanotube resonators, " Nonlinear Dynamics, DOI: 10.1007/s11071-011-0078-3, 2011.

2. Hassen M Ouakad, Mohammad I Younis "Natural frequencies and mode shapes of initially curved carbon nanotube resonators under electric excitation, " Journal of Sound and Vibration, Vol. 330, pp. 3182-3195, 2011.

3. Mohammad I Younis, Hassen M Ouakad, Fadi M Alsaleem, Weili Cui, Ronald Miles " NonlinearDynamics of MEMS Arches Under Harmonic Electrostatic Actuation, " Journal ofMicroelectromechanical Systems, Vol 19(3), pp. 647-656, 2010.

4. Hassen M Ouakad, Mohammad I Younis, “Nonlinear Dynamics of Carbon Nanotube Resonators,”ASME journal of computational and nonlinear dynamics, Vol 5(1), pp. 011009(1-13), 2010.

5. Hassen M Ouakad, Mohammad I Younis, “The Dynamic Behavior of MEMS Arch ResonatorsActuated Electrically,” International journal of nonlinear mechanics, Vol. 45, pp. 704–713, 2010.

6. Hassen M Ouakad, Mohammad I Younis “Modeling and Simulations of Collapse Instabilities ofMicrobeams due to Capillary Forces”, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Volume 2009, ArticleID 871902, 16 pages doi:10.1155/2009/871902, 2009.

7. Fadi M Alsaleem, Mohammad I Younis, Hassen M Ouakad, "On the Nonlinear Resonances andDynamic Pull-in of Electrostatically Actuated Resonators" J. Micromech. Microeng. Vol. 19(4), pp.045013(1-14), 2009.

8. Ali H Nayfeh, Hassen M Ouakad, Fehmi Najar, Slim Choura, Eihab Abdel-Rahman, “NonlinearDynamics of a Resonant Gas Sensor,” Nonlinear dynamics, Vol. 59(4), pp. 607-618, 2009.



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Personal Interests


• Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

• Member of the Tunisian Engineers Association (OIT).

• Member of the clubs environment and speleology of the Faculty of Science of Bizerta, Tunisia;

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